What is your criterion when choosing a professional service provider?

Is it that he/she is...."Efficient".......or perhaps..."Cost effective" or  ......."Friendly"......  or maybe even ....... "Available when I need him/her?"

Well... we at M A ALI & Co  pride ourselves as being all the above and more... M A ALI & Co a friendly professional advisor in your corner! Surely that is good enough for any company whether a one man band or a multi-national conglomerate!

We look at your business as being an extension of our business and therefore, we support you with accurate projections, effective planning, up to date tax advice and any legislation with respect to changes in Laws and regulations that would affect your Company.

How do we do this? We work closely with you right from the outset. By evaluating your unique needs, we work out an intelligent bespoke plan of action to help you  succeed in your business.
We remember that your business is our business...


 Our service delivery ensures that your company enjoys a hassle free complete, painless one stop accounting solution

Service being offered by M.A.ALI & CO: 

  • Compliance Services
  • Corporation tax services
  • Personal Tax (inc sole traders and partnerships)
  • VAT
  • Support Services
  • HRMC Investigations
  • In fact any Tax related services

M A ALI & Co  a friendly professional in your corner... Is a  member of  Sage Accountants' Club.

TELEPHONE NO:020 8578 5881

FAX:020 8578 6883

EMAIL:  info@maatax.com

ADDRESS:Allied Sainif House, 1st Floor. 412 Greenford Road. Greenford Middlesex. UB6 9AH UK.
(See contact page for directions to our new offices)